Baca Quarter Horses

AQHA Stallions At Stud

2013 Breeding Fees:

Stud Fee: $350.00, Booking Fee: $100.00

Price includes, grooming everyday, bath every other day, good quality hay and a clean stall every single day. Also, ask us about our Mare Care Deal. Your mare will for sure be in good hands, and well fed! 

Mare Care Deal: The stud fee and booking fee is the price you pay and it's final. NO MARE CARE CHARGES! Just bring in your feed! If your mare needs to stay longer than planned, it's not her fault, therefore we don't charge mare care fees!

We've had a lot of comments about our clients mares' leaving, looking a lot better than when they came in!

Price does not reflect quality! TRUST ME! Please come and take a look, you will not be disappointed. If you wish to ride them, you may as well, you will only be more convinced!

A Live Foal Guarantee is also assured with your purchase.

AQHA, APHA, AHA and JC mares are more than welcome!

Please email me if you wish to come and take a look or discuss breeding plans. If I don't answer within a day please try again. Sometimes emails go to the spam folder, it would also help me out if you put something in the subject box along the lines of; Stallion At Stud, Breeding, Stallion Info, Stallion Service, Etc...         Email:


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UA Handle Bar Spats

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